This Report Shows you How to Avoid the 7 Biggest and Most Expensive Mistakes People Make in Their Estate Plans!

Don't Leave This Heavy Burden on Your Family if Something Happens to You.  Get Peace of Mind and Save Yourself Thousands of Dollars!

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7 mistakes - no spiral

In This Report written by Estate Planning Attorney Bill Miller, You Will Learn:

  • Why planning for disability or incompetency is just as important as planning for death. 
  • Why putting your kids names on your deed can cost them thousands of dollars in taxes when you pass away. 
  • How putting your kids names on your bank accounts could cost you your life savings.
  • Why failure to plan for long term care expenses could cost you your life savings.  
  • How working with the wrong professionals can frustrate your efforts to put a plan in place that meets your goals. 
  • Why having an estate plan that is not updated regularly can be worse than having no plan at all.  
  • Why failure to recognize all of your potential creditors and predators including family members can cost you everything.